Clinical Case 1

by | Nov 21, 2019

Pre operative radiograph of re- treatment for LR6
Post operative radiograph of re-treatment for LR6
This patient was referred to me for re-treatment of a failed root canal treatment on LR6. The tooth had radix entomolaris, which was missed during primary treatment. The tooth was symptomatic and filling in of the remaining canals was suboptimal. The tooth was treated over two visits. The missed fourth canal was located, GP and remaining filling material was removed from all of the root canals and apical patency was achieved. All four canals were thoroughly cleaned and shaped using Ni-Ti files, irrigated with NaOCl activated using Ultrasonics and dressed with non setting Calcium Hydroxide, after the first visit. At the second visit once the tooth was completely asymptomatic, the obturation (after final irrigation using NaOCl and EDTA) was completed and it was restored with a temporary restoration. The patient arranged to see their dentist for provision of definitive cuspal coverage restoration.

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