Clinical Case 7

by | Jun 8, 2022

Pre-op Radiograph
Pre-op Radiograph
WL Check Radiograph
Palatal Canal Apical Plug Placement Check Radiograph
Post Obturation Radiograph
Post Obturation Radiograph at Horizontal Angulation (parallax)

Maxillary First Molar – Palatal Canal with an Open Apex

  • Referred by GDP as unable to locate all the canals and palatal canal had a wide open apex possibly due to inflammatory root resorption.
  • Four canals (very short MB2 with separate portal of exit) were cleaned & shaped-irrigation protocol with multiple cycles of copious irrigation and activation with NaOCl 3% and penultimate EDTA17% and final rinse NaOCl.
  • Bioceramic putty used to place apical plug in the palatal root and remaining canal backfilled with heated GP.
  • All remaining 3 canals obturated using WVC technique.
  • Bulkfill and direct composite used to achieve an excellent coronal seal.
  • Back to GDP for timely provision of indirect coronal cuspal coverage restoration.