Clinical Case 3

by | Nov 22, 2019

Pre - operative radiograph for root canal re-treatment of LR1

Post operative radiograph for root canal re-treatment of LR1

Re-treatment after ledge bypass LR1

This patient was referred as their general dentist was unable to instrument to estimated working length in LR1, due to the creation of a ledge. The tooth was symptomatic and the PA radiograph showed presence of a radiopaque material in part of the root canal.
This tooth was treated over two visits, under a dental operating microscope.
During the first visit,  the ledge in the buccal canal was bypassed, apical patency achieved and a second lingual canal was located. Both canals merged in the apical third of the root.
The tooth was cleaned and shaped using NiTi files, irrigated with NaOCl and dressed with calcium hydroxide.
At the second visit the patient was asymptomatic so the tooth was obturated using the warm vertical compaction technique. A fiber post was placed and the tooth restored with direct composite.