Let’s talk LOUPES!

by | Sep 16, 2018

My First Pair

My first pair of loupes was a hand me down from a colleague who advised me to “try before I buy” as loupes are not for everyone. Thankfully I never looked back, I tried that pair for a few weeks and quickly came to the realisation that they are extremely useful.  I bought my first pair with a LED light and battery pack about a decade ago.
As I wear glasses I went for the ones with 2.5 X magnification and the option of inserts for my prescription, in case it changed. I could then have new lenses glazed for the inserts. Initially like with any new skill, there was short but steep learning curve but I used them for practically everything from patient examination to examining my impressions for any deficiencies!

They absolutely changed the quality of my dentistry and at the same time I suffered less postural problems.

Current Loupes

My next pair were through the lens with 2 built in magnifications. They were bit heavier but had very useful higher magnification for certain procedures. There are a few loupes with multiple interchangeable magnification on the market, just be cautious about their weight.
The ones with build in power source for light also carry a weight issue, so depending on how many hours you may need to wear the loupes, weight may be a key factor in deciding which ones to go for. I prefer the ones with separate battery pack for light.
LED Light with an orange filter for composites is an absolute must for any good pair of loupes to be used to maximum benefit. I will go on to say : no light=no loupes.

I strongly believe LOUPES are a MUST for any dentist regardless of their experience, age, field of work etc. That is one of the biggest tips I can share with any of my colleagues who are serious about improving their skills. In my humble opinion loupes are indispensable to the everyday practice of dentistry.