BOOK REVIEW – Textbook of Removable Prosthodontics: The Scandinavian Approach

by | Sep 20, 2018

Book Review: A Scandinavian approach to RPDs


This is an excellent book written on removable prosthodontics based on principles of evidence based dentistry.

All through the book the authors point to how things were done before in this field of prosthodontics, how and why things should be done in current practice.

Very clear and concise evidence based reasoning is provided or if not there are pointers for the readers where to research further.

Some key controversies have been clarified based on emerging evidence for readers to confidently put those to rest.

All the chapters are concise and follow a nice format ending with a summary. I particularly enjoyed the chapters on Anatomy and how it is relevant to making a removable denture.

The clinical laboratory techniques have been nicely explained with good illustrations.

A nice read to understand current principles in removable prosthodontics